Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From the Editor's desk - JAN.29.2014

Stolen Los Santos Bus leads to state spanning spree of violence.  
photos by cy_sperling

| Vinewood, Los Santos | A Los Santos Transit bus hurtles north through Vinewood.

| San Andreas | A Los Santos Transit bus was commandeered by gang members last night and used in a state wide spree of violence. Our Media Lens photographer was able to embed himself with the group of aggressors and document their cross country activities. Initially, our reporter boarded the bus in Downtown Los Santos. As the bus made its way north and into the Vinewood Hills, it would stop periodically and pick up even more fighters.

| Downtown Los Santos | A masked combatant rides on the stolen bus down San Andreas Ave.

As the bus crested the Vinewood Hills and descended into the Grand Senora Desert, a brief conflict erupted among the bus passengers over who would actually do the driving. While this was a violent outburst, it remained an isolated moment within the group who otherwise remained peaceful and cooperative with each other.

| Grand Senora Desert | A brief struggle over the driver's seat.
| Grand Senora Desert | Order was soon restored and the journey continued.

Skirting around the Alamo Sea, the bus eventually arrived in Grapeseed where attempts were made to recruit another bus passenger. This unfortunate fellow was too involved with taking landscape photographs to join in and was met with violent repercussions. After repeated blows of the bus horn, one of the passengers eventually exited the bus and ran the photographer over with his own 4WD vehicle.

| Grapeseed | A nature photographer was struck by his own vehicle.
| Grapeseed | After the altercation, the passengers regrouped at the bus on Union Ave in Grapeseed.

Following this altercation, the bus made a stop at McKenzie Air Field. A Cargobob helicopter was then used to transport the bus and passengers over the Alamo Sea and finally to Sandy Shores where the situation became extremely dangerous. Upon placing the bus in front of a tattoo shop at Zancudo Ave and Armadillo Ave, an aggressive gang began to engage the bus and passengers with small arms fire. The Cargobob and Bus were both quickly destroyed by an RPG and small arms fire. Undeterred, the passengers returned fire but were ultimately scattered across the town. Efforts were made to regroup and flee the fighting, but our reporter remained in Sandy Shores to conclude his report.

| Sandy Shores | The bus is released from the Cargobob at a Zancudo Ave tattoo shop. A rival gang immediately descends on the bus to investigate and, ultimately, attack the buss and passengers.
| Sandy Shores | The burned out shell of the bus sits a few feet from explosive gas tanks after being struck by an RPG.
| Sandy Shores | The Sandy Shores Fire Department extinguishes a fire in the wreckage of a Cargobob helicopter.
| Sandy Shores | Passengers from the bus quickly regrouped and returned fire on the rival gang.
| Sandy Shores | A rival gang member falls in the counterattack.
| Sandy Shores | Local police respond in force to the unfolding violence.
| Sandy Shores | NOOSE officers quickly arrived on scene to reenforce the local police effort to quell the fighting.
| Sandy Shores | A Sandy Shores Officer surveys the scene after the fighting finally subsides.

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