Monday, January 27, 2014

Dispatches from the streets JAN.27.2014

| Burton, Los Santos | Small arms fire is exchanged at close range on Eastbourne Way. photo by Foodmonger52
| Pillbox Hill, Los Santos | A helicopter at the intersection of Elgin Ave and Adam's Apple Blvd. photo by Locke2030
| Hawick, Los Santos | The aftermath of a confrontation with the LSPD at Spanish Ave and Power St. poto by Yugozlav
| Hawick, Los Santos | Human and vehicle carnage on Spanish Ave. photo by cy_sperling
| West Vinewood, Los Santos | A combatant with an RPG takes cover after firing a rocket. photo by  jackson_smart
| Grand Senora Desert, San Andreas | A pilot descends into the desert after bailing out of a helicopter. photo by Zacisgreat9
| Mount Chiliad, San Andreas | Alcohol is one of the many fuels that keep the fire of violence raging. photo by Leeconsig

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