Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dispatches from the streets JAN.26.2014

| Vinewood, Los Santos | A police helicopter searches for a suspect while hovering over the intersection of Meteor St and Strawberry Ave in Vinewood. photo by TheGreatZiegfeld

 Fresh from the Snapmatic feed, here are images captured by the Media Lens photographers. Police stand-offs, tank rampages, and exploding vehicles were a common sight by the populace of Los Santos and the surrounding communities. Our photographers are out in the field, risking life and limb, to photograph the truth.

| Vinewood, Los Santos | A Member of the Los Santos Police SWAT team takes aim at a rogue tank in an alleyway off of Powers St, just south of Clinton Ave in Vinewood. photo by R_Sparks73
| Mirror Park, Los Santos | A police vehicle detonates with a deafening fireball during an altercation in a residential area adjacent to Mirror Park. photo by Phoenix8994
| Vinewood, Los Santos | A helmeted suspect moments before being spotted by advancing members of the LSPD. The suspect was hiding in the lobby of a building on the northeast corner of Vinewood Blvd and Alta St. photo by R_Sparx73
| Grand Senora Desert | A police helicopter explodes over the Boilingbroke Penitentiary. photo by Phoenix8994
| Rancho, Los Santos | A lone police officer advances down Innocence Blvd. photo by jackson_smart


  1. That last picture is awesome. Plus, that first helicopter picture is mine! It's probably my best picture too, so it's good to see it here.

  2. Your helicopter shot is amazing. I love how it looks with the header graphic above it.