Sunday, January 26, 2014

From the Editor's desk - JAN.26.2014

| Little Seoul, Los Santos | An armored gunman fires downrange on Lindsay Circus. photo by cy_sperling
| Strawberry, Los Santos | An armed assailant fires a submachine gun at advancing LSPD officers. photo by cy_sperling
| West Vinewood, Los Santos | A pair of combatants consolidate vehicles after one was rendered non-drivable along West Eclipse Blvd in West Vinewood. photo by cy_sperling
| Burtin, Los Santos | A combatant felled by gunfire on Harwick Ave in Burton. photo by cy_sperling
| Vinewood, Los Santos | An armed man wearing a monkey mask advancing east on Spanish Ave. photo by cy_sperling
| Burton, Los Santos | A member of a local militia seated in his dune buggy. photo by cy_sperling
| Hawick, Los Santos | A police helicopter searches for a suspect near Spanish Ave and Alta St. photo by cy_sperling

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