Sunday, January 26, 2014

Media Lens launches blog

| Los Santos, San Andreas | 

An epidemic of violence throughout the state began in October of 2013. Rival gang factions, mercenaries, thugs, and psychopaths seemed to be everywhere. Despite an intense and even militant response from the authorities, the violence seems to keep increasing. In late December, an enormous amount of counterfeit currency flooded the black market. The criminal element greatly escalated the violence as a result. When every player in the conflict can fund a small army, sights such as rogue tanks rolling down Morningwood Blvd are not at all surprising.

Into this cauldron of chaos and violence have come the loose collective of combat photographers identified as 'Media Lens.' Throughout the state, these photographers risk life and limb to bring the truth about what is happening in San Andreas to the world. What follows is a selection of images from the initial days of their coverage.

| Los Santos | photo by cy_sperling

| Vespuccie Canals | photo by jakedr

| La Mesa, Los Santos | photo by jakedr

| McDonald Street, Los Santos | photo by Kordras

| El Burro Heights, Los Santos | photo by TheStonePanda

| Las Legunas Blvd, Los Santos | photo by The StonePanda

| Sandy Shores, San Andreas | photo by Kordras

| Sandy Shores, Sand Anderas | photo by Kordras

| Los Santos International Airport | photo by StrangeUSB

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