Sunday, February 2, 2014

From the Editor's desk - FEB.2.2014 - Guns, Death, and Defiance in the state of San Andreas

| Sandy Shores | N.O.O.S.E. officer on the move past fallen Sandy Shores officers on Algonquin Blvd.

| Sandy Shores | Automatic weapons fired from the rooftops in Sandy Shores.
| Textile City, Los Santos | Fallen gang members are an all too common sight.
| Little Seoul, Los Santos | LSPD officers advance down Calais Ave while firing on an assailant.
| Vespucci Beach, Los Santos | The beaches, like the city, are under siege. Gunfire was exchanged between the beach and rival combatants on the Del Perro Pier.
| Rockford Hills, Los Santos | The predator approaches the prey.
| Downtown Los Santos | A Gunman takes cover in the parking lot of the Tinkle Mobile building.
| Rockford Hills, Los Santos | It is unclear if this individual was a combatant or a tragic instance of collateral damage.
| Burton, Los Santos | The blocks surrounding the Los Santos Customs in Burton are among the violent areas of the city. Constant violence and the brazen defiance of the these fighters is emblematic of the nature of this conflict.
| Rockford Hills, Los Santos | The LSPD are often criticized for their harsh tactics and almost militarized response, but scenes such as this are a reminder as to why they have been forced to adopt such tactics.
| Little Seoul, Los Santos | This conflict has participants of all types.
| Burton, Los Santos | A sniper waits for an opportunity across from the Los Santos Customs in Burton.
Some have described the current crisis in San Andreas as "Hell on Earth." Without a doubt, there are days when appears true.
All photos by cy_sperling

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